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Hao Kang medical devices limited is a has foreign background of enterprise, is hospital with series ICU beds, and orthopedic medical bed, and children beds, and electric medical bed, and beds wholesale, and nursing car, and waiting Chair, and hospital accompanying Chair, and medical with bedside table, and multifunctional electric medical bed, equipment of professional nursing medical bed manufacturers, and electric medical bed manufacturers, and intelligent ICU beds manufacturers, and electric ICU beds manufacturers, and three function ICU beds manufacturers, and manual children beds manufacturers, and wisdom barrier children beds manufacturers, and large hospital waiting Chair manufacturers, and Larger hospital transfusion Chair manufacturers, folding hospital accompanying Chair manufacturers, steel and plastic medical bedside table manufacturers, aluminum alloy to truck manufacturers, aluminum stainless steel treatment treatment of car manufacturers, car manufacturers. Have passed the international quality management system certification, ISO13485:2003 medical equipment professional CE quality certification and the EU certification. "Science and technology for the benefit of human innovation leads the future"! For 15 years, HaoKang company now has a number of rigorous professional and consolidation of production management, technology, design team, combined with State of the art laser cutting machine, CNC cutting machine, CNC folding machines and unmanned molded bed lines and cluster robot welding and other high-tech equipment, provide the market with global synchronization "high value" products...

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